Preston New Road Community Fracking Blockade
The protest continues!

Green Monday speakers usually commence at 12:30pm at the entrance to PNR fracking site.

Green Mondays for 2019:

So far, we already have booked speakers for 9 Green Mondays after the New Year:

7 January - For the first Green Monday of this year, 

Britta Goodman and Caroline New:

Caroline (previously an activist in the women’s movement and the Anti-Poll Tax campaign)

They will be our main speakers. Britta and Caroline are the Green Party’s new joint Campaigns Coordinators, and are currently putting together the Green Party’s national Climate Campaign, which will be launched early in the New Year.

14 January - Our main speaker for this Green Monday will be Natalie Bennett:

21 January - Our main speaker for this Green Monday will be Danny Goss of Friends of the Earth:

Danny is an environmental campaigner at Friends of the Earth, crusading against fracking and coal extraction. He’s spent the past few months rallying people against the government’s plans to fast-track fracking across the country. Before joining Friends of the Earth, he campaigned against the destruction of rainforests in Brazil, where he lived for several years.

28 January - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be Krista Cowman:

She is Professor of History at Lincoln University, and specializes in the history of modern women’s political activism. She worked as historical advisor on the film Suffragette, and on the recent BBC drama documentary, Suffragettes. So definitely a special date for our fabulous 100 Women!

4 February - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be John Ashton - a frequent and very welcome visitor to PNR:

No doubt he will have yet another amusing song with which to entertain us AND annoy Cuadrilla - assuming they’re still trying to operate at PNR by then!

25 February - For this Green Monday, it is expected that our main speaker will be someone from Earth First - but no name has yet been confirmed.

4 March - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be Donnachadh McCarthy:

He is an environmental and political journalist and activist, whose written works include The Prostitute State - all about how Britain’s democracy has been bought! Previously, he has campaigned against the billionaire media owners, and for safer routes for cyclists and an end to air pollution in cities. He is now also one of the leading people behind Extinction Rebellion

8 April - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be Dr. Jem Bendell:

He is Professor of Sustainability Leadership, and the Founder of the Institute for Leadership & Sustainability, at Cumbria University.

Previously, worked for WWF in their Forest Unit

20 or 27 May - For one of these Green Mondays, our main speaker will be Rupert Read: Rupert is a Reader in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, and the founder and Chair of the Green House think-tank. He has also recently become very involved in the work of Extinction Rebellion - and spoke at its launch on 31 October.

Also, in the pipeline - but with no confirmed dates just yet - are two more environmental activists, who have been very popular previous Green Monday speakers:

Kate Raworth (‘ambushed’ by me on Lambeth Bridge during Extinction Rebellion’s action in London in November - no apologies, Kate!)


Julia Steinberger 


Speakers are organised by Allan Todd
HOW TO GET TO Maple Farm Community Hub & Preston New Road Community Fracking Blockade

• It's a few miles east of Blackpool.  For those using public transport, the nearest station is Kirkham-and-Wesham: from there, cross over the road outside the station and catch the number 61 bus, which takes about 15 minutes. There is a bus stop close to the hub and another by the fracking blockade. Alternatively, you could take a bike and cycle from Kirkham-and-Wesham station, which also takes about 15 minutes.

• For those coming by car, the best route for getting there is as follows: Come off the M55 @ Jnc 4, onto the A583, signed Preston/Kirkham. Free parking is available at Maple Farm Nursery Garden, Moss House Lane PR4 3PE (Just off Preston New Road and around the corner from Maple Farm Community Hub). There is also limited free parking outside the hub. The fracking site is less than a 10 minute walk from the hub.

• For those staying several days, the owner of Maple Farm has also made space available for camping. For those who prefer more comfort, there are plenty of B&B's in Blackpool and the number 61 bus will take you from Blackpool to Maple Farm Community Hub, or further on to the gates of the fracking site. Or there is a Premier Inn on the roundabout as you come off the M55 at junction 4 - and it’s only a 30-minute walk to the fracking site.