Preston New Road Community Fracking Blockade
The protest continues!
Green Monday speakers usually commence at 12:30pm at the entrance to PNR fracking site.


4 March - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be Donnachadh McCarthy: He is an environmental and political journalist and activist, whose written works include The Prostitute State - all about how Britain’s democracy has been bought! Previously, he has campaigned against the billionaire media owners, and for safer routes for cyclists and an end to air pollution in cities. He is now also one of the leading people behind Extinction Rebellion

11 March - Our main speakers will be Carolyn Kagan & Mark Burton: Carolyn is an Emerita Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University, whilst Mark (who was a Visiting Professor at MMU) is currently working with Sheffield University. They are both part of Steady State Manchester Collective, which is working with people & organisations for a Greater Manchester that is economically, socially and ecologically viable. They will be talking about how to construct viable/sustainable economies after we’ve finally moved on from fossil fuels - economies that, crucially, will allow us to live within Earth’s planetary boundaries. For those wanting to some research/homework before they come to PNR, a link to their work is provided:

1 April - Fools Day!

15 April - Dr. Dan Bailey: Dan is Professor of Sustainability Leadership, and the Founder of the Institute for Leadership & Sustainability, at Cumbria University.Previously, he worked at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute at Sheffield University, and as an Associate lecturer in the Politics Department of the University of York. His research has focused on the implications of the ecological crisis - referred to by many experts as The Sixth Extinction (if you haven’t already read it, try Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction) - for the form & functions of the state; and on how to achieve transformative change in order to move away from unsustainability.

29 April - Our main speaker will be Dr. Jem Bendell: He is Professor of Sustainability Leadership, and the Founder of the Institute for Leadership & Sustainability, at Cumbria University. Previously, worked for WWF in their Forest Unit

10 May FRIDAY Ken Loach the Film Diorector will be at PNR.

13 May - For this Green Monday, our main speaker will be Siân Berry, the recently-elected Co-Leader of The Green Party She is also the Green Party’s candidate in the forthcoming elections for London Mayor, and will be making a welcome return to PNR.

20 May - Jonathan Bartley, Co-Leader of the Green Party, will be at PNR.

3 June - Our main speaker will be Rupert Read: Rupert is a Reader in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, and the founder and Chair of the Green House think-tank. He has also recently become very involved in the work of Extinction Rebellion - and spoke at its launch on 31 October.

24 June - The main speaker will be Marina Prentoulis. Marina is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Politics at the University of East Anglia, and is frequently published in The Guardian and on the openDemocracy website. She is currently working on social movements in Europe, and is a spokesperson for Another Europe Is Possible, as well as also being a member of Syriza London.


Speakers are organised by Allan Todd

Preston New Road Community Fracking Blockade
and Maple Farm Community Hub

• Both are a few miles east of Blackpool.  For those using public transport, the nearest railway station is Kirkham-and-Wesham: from there, cross over the road outside the station and catch the number 61 bus towards Blackpool, which takes about 15 minutes. There is a bus stop close to the Fracking Blockade and another half a mile further on at the Community Hub. Alternatively, you could take a bike and cycle from Kirkham-and-Wesham station, which also takes about 15 minutes.

• For those coming by car the best route is: come off the M55 at Junction 4 taking the first left onto the A583 follow signs to Preston and Kirkham, at the roundabout take the first left. After half a mile or so there on your left is Maple Farm Community Hub. You can't miss it - the front is covered in huge anti-fracking notices. Down little Moss House Lane bordering the Hub you will find free parking at Maple Farm Nursery Garden PR4 3PE. There is also limited free off-road parking at the Hub. The fracking site blockade is about a 10 minute leisurely walk from the Hub along the pavement beside the main road.

• For those staying several days there is free camping available at Maple Farm Community Hub in a small field. A kitchen tent, lounge polytunnel and hired toilet are provided. For those who prefer more comfort, there are plenty of B&B's in Blackpool with the No. 61 bus to take you from Blackpool to Maple Farm Community Hub or further on to the gates of the fracking site. Alternatively, a Premier Inn is by the roundabout as you come off the M55 at Jn. 4 - and it’s less than 30 minutes walk to the fracking site.