Local Elections

Allerdale Candidates County Council Election 2017

Aspatria There was no Green candidate

We apologise to potential Green voters who live in this area. We will try to ensure there is a candidate at the next election.


Bothel and Wharrels The candidate was Jill Perry 615 votes 33% 

Jill Perry, 60, is married with two grown-up children. She was a high profile and tireless campaigner for Friends of the Earth for 18 years. She has focused mainly on energy, climate and nuclear issues.
Born, brought up and living in West Cumbria, Jill has a degree in German. She taught French and German for many years in West Cumbria. She served on the Lake District National Park Authority and was a Parish Councillor. She gave up teaching in 2000 and became a maker of fine jams and preserves, working for Wild and Fruitful, which specialises in using local fruit and vegetables and selling through locally owned outlets.

Jill joined the Green Party in 2004. She feels that the Green Party is the only party with strong and coherent policies on social justice and the environment.

Jill is motivated by the need to make a difference on these issues at a local and national level. She would like to see Cumbria investing its future in renewable energy technologies. It should move away from its past lead in the dirty old technologies of coal and nuclear power.


Cockermouth North The candidate was Felicity Crowley 70 votes 3.4%

Felicity (known as Flic) was born in Devon to a working class family and is a mother and grandmother. To support her Open University studies she worked as a cleaner and childminder. When she achieved her degree, she did a teacher training qualification at Charlotte Mason, Ambleside and then taught at Richmond Hill Primary School in Aspatria for 14 years.

A former member of the Labour Party, she left because of the Iraq war and turned to the Greens 8 years ago. She is a previous chair of Allerdale and Copeland Green Party.

As well as devoting her spare time to living a green lifestyle and improving the resilience skills of her two young grandsons, she gives time to supporting her local pre-school. Due to her concerns about the sell-off of NHS services, she became a member of West Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust.


Cockermouth South The candidate was Jane Roy 86 votes 4.3%

Jane has a scientific background and started her working life teaching science and maths. This background has been of great use when evaluating the evidence for and against storing nuclear waste under Cumbria. She also studied psychology and spent most of her working life working for charities as a psychotherapist. Her final role before  retirement was writing material for Relate's training courses for its therapists. She has a good understanding of how living in challenging economic  times can create emotional  and relationship problems for people which make life even more difficult.

She lived for many years in Milton Keynes and saw the planners ideas become reality. There are many good things about the town but they did not take the need for public transport adequately into account. Consequently the public transport system is poor and struggles to be economic leaving those who cannot drive isolated. Since moving to Cumbria she has seen how Cumbria has similar problems with its public transport with consequent problems of isolation for those who cannot drive. 

She has been a volunteer in Cockermouth Oxfam for several years and has been part of the group campaigning against Story Homes housing plans for Strawberry How.

Dearham and Broughton The candidate was Helen Smith 85 votes 5.2%

Cumbrian born & bred 52 year old Helen has lived in Crosby for 18 years & has family in Dearham. As she is partially sighted she is aware of the problems the disabled face & is keen to ensure all are able to enjoy facilities the rest of us take for granted. Helen is also passionate about ensuring our old people are afforded dignity, at home or in care, in their later years, and believes the Green Parties social policies offer the best assurance of this.


Harrington There was no Green candidate

We apologise to potential Green voters who live in this area. We will try to ensure there is a candidate at the next election


Keswick The candidate was Jack Lenox 268 votes 14.8%


Maryport North The candidate was Clare Brown 86 votes 5%

Clare came to live in Workington in 1950 and has made West Cumbria her base since then. Apart from short periods spent working in Southern Africa and elsewhere in the UK, she has always worked in Cumbria, brought her children up here and is now happily retired and living in Cockermouth.
During her career she was employed by the Workers’ Educational Association for 10 years and was also employed  as an advisory teacher all over the county.

She has always fought for West Cumbria to have its fair share of resources because she sees how there are too many people who don’t have equal opportunities for housing, employment and prosperity.
She believes that a Green Party councillor would always have the best interests of his or her constituents at heart. She would campaign for a sustainable, fair and peaceful world.


Maryport South The candidate was Laura Rumney 84 votes 6.2%


Moss Bay and Moorclose The candidate was Doug Maw 17 votes 1.1%

Doug is 48 and the father of two sons. His father was an engineer from Yorkshire and his mother a nurse from Jarrow. He speaks at various events about  campaigns and nutrition and has been working in event organisation most recently.

Doug is a former Borough, Parish councillor and school governor. As a councillor he drafted the council's ethical and environmental policy and chaired the licensing and enforcement panel, as well as working on planning and highways issues.

Doug is motivated by issues concerning the environment, health, social care, education and transport. He is concerned about the need for remedial work in street lighting in the area as well as pot holes, broken manhole covers, culverts, paving and kerb issues.

Doug believes that the Green Party are the only Party that are standing up for people and willing to provide a voice for local residents.


Seaton The candidate was Alistair Grey 74 votes 4.7%

Born in Cockermouth, but living in the Midlands for many years, Alistair returned to West Cumbria in 1994 and spent 10 years driving buses around this wonderful part of the world.

Always preferring to get around by bicycle rather than car, he joined the Green Party at a time when Mrs Thatcher was promoting profit above sustainability, and saying that "There is no such thing as Society", one of the longest standing members in the local group.

Angered by the current government which is imposing cuts on the majority because of criminally  irresponsible financial gambles carried out by a minority. They are cutting funding to local authorities whilst expecting them to do more, he said,
"There is a more sustainable way to run national and local government, and I am pleased to be able to give Seaton people the chance to vote green in these important elections."


Solway Coast The candidate was Richard Rawson 70 votes 4%

Richard has been resident in Allerdale for 16 years.

Most of his working life was involved in education both teaching and administration. When circumstances forced retirement, he relocated with his family to Cumbria in 2001. Soon after that he and his wife established a business of a combined tearoom and craft/ food shop which was run on ethical and Fairtrade principles. 

Since retiring from this and being a craft potter, he has been able to devote attention to many of the issues which form significant elements of the Green Party agenda. He is a strong advocate of fairness and justice within social and environment contexts which should result in benefits for all.  He recognises and supports the ten core principles of the Party wholeheartedly believing that they are essential for the survival of mankind and the planet, based as they are on the value of life and the precious nature of the Earth’s resources.

Currently much of his time is devoted to his family whilst any spare time of taken up with painting and photography. Recently he has joined the dedicated team of volunteers who support the RNLI in this area.
He firmly believe that, based on his life experiences and a recognition of the need for Green policies to be applied to both local and national politics, he would be able to represent not only the needs population of the area but also be a strong advocate for the wide range of positive environmental concerns of the Solway Coast and the wider community.


St Johns and Gt Clifton The candidate was Fliss Watts 52 votes 3% 

Fliss grew up in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. She read philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford and completed a PhD in philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania in 1986. She taught philosophy in the US for three years before returning to the UK to study sculpture in London and Newcastle.

Since completing her studies at art school she has worked as a self-employed artist and proof-reader. She has lived in Little Clifton since 1999, with her daughter (who left Cockermouth School in 2011 and is now at university studying medicine).

On deciding to join the Green Party she said 'I think it is essential that in spite of economic crises we do not neglect the even more important environmental issues which we face. I joined the Green Party because I felt that the other parties would allow short-term responses to financial and political problems to take precedence over their commitments to environmental policies.'


St Michaels The candidate was Peter Rigg 36 votes 2.9%

Peter was educated at Cambridge University and spent seven years working at Rolls-Royce, Derby as an apprentice , and in computer systems development before moving to lead a project to introduce the very first computer-based medical records system in an NHS hospital. He subsequently worked as an IT consultant to firms at home and abroad. Now semi-retired he has two local holiday cottages which have been awarded the Green Tourism Business scheme's (top) Gold Award.

For many years now Peter has been involved in local environmental issues in the Keswick area, where he lives. These include:
*research into the potential for hydro-electric schemes on the river Greta, leading to a design for a turbine at Brigham Forge which needed to be shelved after the destruction of the 2009 floods.
*successful promotion of the new allotments for Keswick at The Hawthorns
*analysis of the energy performance of residential properties in Keswick which showed great potential for energy reduction through insulation.
* being active in the discussions surrounding the Government's proposal to bury the country's highly radioactive waste under Cumbria and has actively opposed moves to continue the process due in part to the unsuitable geology.


Thursby The candidate was Di Standen 128 votes 7.2%

Dianne is a textile designer who specialises in developing techniques that reuse fabrics and other materials. On starting her business in 1997 she made a personal commitment to operate as sustainably as possible. That has meant minimal travel, using either public transport or bicycle when travel was necessary, sourcing power from renewables and using ethical banks.

She is one of the founder members of Cumbrians against Fluoridation and West Cumbria Bus Users Group. Dianne joined the Green Party in 2005 and was the first chair of the local group.


 Wigton The candidate was Pat Ackred 53 votes 2.7%


Copeland Candidates County Council Election 2017

Bransty  The candidate was Maggie Bedford 38 votes 2.7% 


Cleator Moor East The candidate was Allan Todd 93 votes 6.9%

Allan lives in Keswick, and has two daughters and two grandchildren, all of whom currently live in North Cumbria. Originally from Norfolk, he met his late wife in Keswick, where she was working in the Royal Oak Hotel. He was a History teacher for over 20 years, and then did supply teaching in North Cumbria. Most recently he has written GCSE, A Level and IB History textbooks and revision guides; and worked as a History examiner. 

Originally an active member of the Labour Party for 20 years - leaving in 1995 as it became New Labour and left ordinary people’s concerns behind, he remained unaligned until he joined the Green Party - and the Green Left, the eco-socialist and anti-capitalist group within the Green Party. He is also a member of the Coalition of Resistance, and Unite Against Fascism; and Secretary of Keswick Chess Club.

He believes there are two main political priorities:
• protecting and improving the environment
• resisting the austerity measures, which are making ordinary people pay for a crisis they didn’t cause.


Cleator Moor West There was no Green candidate

We apologise to potential Green voters who live in this area. We will try to ensure there is a candidate at the next election.


Egremont There is was Green candidate

We apologise to potential Green voters who live in this area. We will try to ensure there is a candidate at the next election.


Egremont North and St Bees There was no Green candidate

We apologise to potential Green voters who live in this area. We will try to ensure there is a candidate at the next election. 


Gosforth The candidate was Daniel Nixon 57 votes 3%

Daniel, aged 20, has lived in Egremont for all of his life. He is currently employed within the property sector and has a strong intention to qualify as a Chartered Surveyor in the coming years.

In his spare time Daniel is a Scout Leader for his local Scout Troop, organises the Egremont Fur & Feather Championship Show and also sits on the committee for the Egremont Crab Fair.
Daniel's top priorities are:
* Protecting local farmers against the drive for low cost food, 
* Ensuring that there is enough affordable housing for local people,
* Supporting those who are regenerating, improving and protecting our diverse environment.


Hillcrest and Hensingham There was no Green candidate

We apologise to potential Green voters who live in this area. We will try to ensure there is a candidate at the next election.


Howgate The candidate was Sharon Watson 44 votes 3.4%

Sharon is married with 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

She has substantial work experience in further education and local government. She has been an active member of Natfhe and Unison.

She was elected 3 times to represent the views of Cumbrian members of the Co-op to management. Her particular interests are in promoting Fairtrade and local food production and in supporting the county's community groups.

She runs her own "green" B&B.


Kells and Sandwith There was no Green candidate

We apologise to potential Green voters who live in this area. We will try to ensure there is a candidate at the next election.


Millom There was no Green candidate

We apologise to potential Green voters who live in this area. We will try to ensure there is a candidate at the next election. 


Millom Without The candidate was Sally Millar 147 votes 9.3%

Sally has had an interest in green issues for as long as she can remember, and a love for Cumbria ever since she first came here to visit her uncle more than 50 years ago.

She studied zoology at university, and worked for about 18 years as an environmental educator.  In 2002 she went on to become assistant centre manager at the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, before moving to Cumbria in 2006. She now runs a Bed and Breakfast in the village of Silecroft, which she has known and loved ever since her parents moved there over 40 years ago.  She is 67, divorced, with two children and a grandson, and enjoys walking, riding, painting, DIY, gardening and reading in her spare time.

She would like to see a more diverse local economy in Cumbria, with support for small businesses leading to more choice of local jobs for local people.  She is not happy with our current dependence on handouts from big business and the whims of national government.  Cumbria’s remoteness from London and relatively small population should not mean that local opinion can be ignored.  She would also like to see a greater recognition of the national and international value of our beautiful landscape.


Mirehouse There was no Green candidate

We apologise to potential Green voters who live in this area. We will try to ensure there is a candidate at the next election.