Green Party Conference: Defending Democracy

5 April 2017

Following the decision of the Electoral Commission, on 16 March 2017, to fine the Conservative Party a record sum of £70,000 for ‘accounting irregularities’ in 29 key marginal constituencies in the 2015 general election, the Green Party Conference in Liverpool last weekend discussed an Emergency Motion which focussed on the implications for all this on UK democracy.

The Emergency Motion, proposed by Allan Todd (Membership Secretary of Allerdale & Copeland Green Party) and seconded by Jack Lenox (the Green Party candidate in the recent Copeland by-election) pointed out the need to take action to defend democracy and the idea of fair elections.

By a large majority, the Conference agreed that the Green Party should launch, as a matter of some urgency, a national campaign to press for by-elections in all seats where those ‘accounting irregularies’ were judged - by the Electoral Commission - to have given Conservative candidates a ‘material advantage’ over other candidates.

Allerdale and Copeland Green Party are discussing - with the Carlisle Green Party and other Green parties in the North West Region - plans for a protest in Defence of Democracy in Carlisle, which is one of the constituencies where the police investigated ‘accounting irregularities’.


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