Let's Make Cumbria Green

5 April 2017

The County Council is being put under huge and unfair financial pressure by the Government. Electing Greens mean putting these things at the top of our agenda:

• Promoting investment in public transport, safer streets, road maintenance and drain clearing. • Prioritising small business and a strong local economy over big business.

• Supporting children's services, early learning and our schools.

• Increasing social care services for the elderly, the disabled and the vulnerable.

• Increasing affordable housing, especially for young people.

• Supporting renewable energy developments, whilst opposing fracking, other unconventional fossil fuels and nuclear power.

• Supporting farmers to deal with increasingly uncertain weather patterns and global food markets.

• Increasing support for Credit Unions to help people  especially those dependent on foodbanks  avoid payday loan companies and loan sharks.

• Supporting action and education on waste reduction and increasing the range of goods which can be recycled.

• Opposing the introduction of chemical fluoride in drinking water.

Find out more about these policies by clicking the "Our Policies" tab on this webpage.

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