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3 June 2017

Greens may not automatically vote Labour as, despite many areas of agreement, there are still significant points of difference between us. Their support for Trident, nuclear power and the first-past-the-post voting system are three examples.

However, we are in unprecedented times - and the lurch to the right of the Tories (who also support those three points) pushing hard Brexit and fracking, as well as slashing support for renewables and public services, means that we took the difficult decision that we must do all we can to prevent a Tory landslide.  I hope it's a thing we never have to do again.

Frack Free Zone lock-on

Frack Free Zone lock-on      Frack Free Zone lock-on

We are encouraging all the people who would have voted Green in Copeland and Allerdale to opt for vote swapping, whereby they are paired with someone who would have voted Labour (for example) but will vote Green in a seat where we have a chance, in return for us voting Labour (for example) in our seats.

Visit www.swapmyvote.uk for more details. It's not a perfect solution but, until we have a system of proportional representation, it's the best tactical vote we can do.

Jill Perry

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