Barclays - The Dirty Bank

29 July 2018

Last Thursday, 19 July, Allan Todd of Keswick was one of over 20 Greenpeace activists who took action against Barclays global HQ in Canary Wharf, London.
This action was aimed at persuading Barclays not to fund the building of three new toxic tar sands pipelines from Alberta, Canada. Even HSBC, Europe’s biggest bank - which generally has a less-good environmental track-record - has walked away from this project. This leaves Barclays as ‘The Dirty Bank’ - the only UK bank still prepared to consider funding these pipelines.
Already, nearly 30,000 of Barclays’ own customers have called on them not to fund these new pipelines which, if they go ahead, will use up over 15% of the entire global carbon ‘budget’ agreed at the Paris Climate Summit in 2015. The pipelines already in operation currently emit more carbon into the atmosphere than New Zealand and Kenya combined.
Yet these pipelines will do more than make it impossible for global warming to be held at below 2C - the limit beyond which all serious climate scientists now agree that catastrophic Climate Breakdown will occur.
The tar sands pipelines which already exist are also polluting the forests, mountains, rivers and Indigenous lands they cross. Between 2010 and 2017, there have been 373 oil spills - an average of one a week. The damage already being done has led Indigenous communities to actively resist the building of these new pipelines.
The main speaker at Thursday’s action was Ocean Hyland, a young activist of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation in Vancouver. She said: 
Tar sands are extending their destruction through a pipeline threatening my home, my people’s food, water and livelihoods, and the environment we share with enormous biodiversity.”
Allan Todd said:
Barclays are about to make a final decision on funding these new pipelines - so it is important for all Barclays’ customers who care about the environment and are concerned about Climate Crisis, to write, email or phone Barclays HQ and ask them not to fund these pipelines. And to make it clear that, if Barclays do decide to commit this climate and environmental crime, they will switch their accounts to a more ethical bank.”

Allan Todd
The full press release of 22.7.18 is printed above.
An edited version was published in the Keswick Reminder 26.7.18.

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