Euripedies had it right!

19 March 2019

KesMail is to be congratulated on giving its readers the full facts regarding the increasing seriousness of the impacts of global warming. This was borne out by long-term warnings from the Met Office which came out in the same week as the February issue of KesMail. From now until 2023, the Met Office has 90% confidence that mean annual global temperatures will range between 1.03C and 1.57C above pre-industrial levels.

Once is Happenstance...!

16 March 2019

It was very good to see the Keswick Reminder recently giving front-page prominence to the increasingly-controversial issue of the Blencathra Hunt’s regular Boxing Day ‘gathering’ in our town centre. Five members from Allerdale & Copeland Green Party were amongst those present at a meeting of Keswick Town Council, last month, when this was discussed.

Youth Strike for Climate

23 February 2019

On Friday 15 February, I was in Cockermouth - along with others from Extinction Rebellion Cumbria, and members from local Green and Labour parties - to show support for the dozen or so brave students who staged a #YouthStrike4Climate protest in Cockermouth’s Main Street. There were also similar Climate Crisis events in Carlisle and Kendal.

I am not a criminal

31 January 2019

In Milton Keynes, on Friday 25 January, I was one of 24 Greenpeace activists found guilty of ‘aggravated trespass’. Our case arose from a Greenpeace ‘air pollution’ action back in August 2018, which peacefully locked-down VW’s UK HQ in Milton Keynes for most of one day.

A Curate's Egg

29 January 2019

Instead of trying to get government investment for the proposed new nuclear power station at Moorside, Labour should be embracing Toshiba’s pull-out as an opportunity to seek government funding for clean and sustainable renewable-energy projects in West Cumbria.

BBC Complicit in Climate Coverup

21 January 2019

The BBC has been accused, by environmental campaigner Jon Fuller, of being part of “the biggest cover-up there has ever been in British history.” He made this comment during Extinction Rebellion’s national ‘Tell The Truth’ action which took place in London on Friday 21 December.

Times & Star Politics Column 14.12.18

19 January 2019

There's only one party undivided over the Brexit agreement. The Green Party has a clear vision. With the Conservatives in terminal meltdown and Labour officially calling only for a General Election but still anxious to deliver Brexit, the Green Party believes we should ask the people what they think now.

Extinction Rebellion Day in London

20 November 2018

On Saturday 17 November, 6 Green Party members from Cumbria were part of the Extinction Rebellion Day in London. Amongst them were Ruth Noonan and Allan Todd, both of Allerdale & Copeland Green Party.

Time To Rebel - Now!

08 November 2018

Because of the failure of the government to act on the growing climate crisis - and because of its insistence on rolling out fracking (one of the most extreme and polluting energy technologies as regards the emission of greenhouse gases) - Extinction Rebellion has called for peaceful disobedience, across the country, during the first half of November.

Reflections on Fracking at PNR

03 October 2018

This week, Preston Crown Court - or, to be more precise, Judge Robert Altham, handed out prison sentences to Richard Roberts, Simon Blevins, Rich Loizou and Julian Brock. The motivation of the Frack Free Four was to act for future generations and the future of the planet.


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