Greenpeace in Action -Again!

16 September 2018

Volkswagen and air pollution. At present, 1 in 5 of all new diesel vehicles on UK roads are produced by VW. This Greenpeace action was a follow-on from the recent ‘Dieselgate Affair,’ in which VW falsified emissions tests on its diesel vehicles.

Fiddling While Europe Burns, Or...?

24 August 2018

In this week’s Politics Column (15 August), Chris Moncrieff’s first words were: “What sort of madness is this,..?” Exactly my reaction as I read through his ‘thoughts’ on Boris Johnson’s recent deliberately Islamophobic comments about Muslim women who wear the burka.

Our World on Fire

16 August 2018

Last week’s report from the Stockholm Resilience Centre warns that, as a result of the continuing massive burning of fossil fuels, we are on the edge of becoming a dangerous ‘hothouse’ world. This report links with recent front-page reports - which even appeared in the tabloid papers! - About how the global ‘killer heatwave’ was ‘setting our world on fire.’

Barclays - The Dirty Bank

29 July 2018

This action was aimed at persuading Barclays not to fund the building of three new toxic tar sands pipelines from Alberta, Canada. Even HSBC, Europe’s biggest bank - which generally has a less-good environmental track-record - has walked away from this project. This leaves Barclays as ‘The Dirty Bank’ - the only UK bank still prepared to consider funding these pipelines.

Trudy Harrison MP signs the Divest Parliament Pledge

13 July 2018

Copeland MP Trudy Harrison has signed the Divest Parliament Pledge, calling for the MP's Pension Fund to phase out its substantial holdings from fossil fuel companies.

The Bigger Picture

06 July 2018

We need flood prevention engineering and environmental measures to slow the rate of water run-off from the fells. But we also must stop making climate breakdown worse: so we must stop fracking and stop Heathrow’s third runway.

Time to say 'farewell to fossil'?

06 June 2018

Research shows that ‘tipping points’ (or thresholds) in the Earth System, once passed, have sometimes led to rapid climate change and sudden environmental transitions. Surely the lesson to be taken from all this is that we need to leave all remaining fossil fuel reserves in the ground and, instead, move rapidly to renewable forms of energy.

Ministers, divest from Moorside now

27 May 2018

Tony Lywood's column "Ministers, invest in Moorside now" reminds me why we need the Green Party.We neither need nor can afford nuclear power.

Together on PR

07 May 2018

At last - something we CAN agree on! We agree with Bob Gill, Chair of Copeland & Workington LibDems, about the need for a voting system based on Proportional Representation, and for an elected second chamber to replace the House of Lords (Whitehaven News, 26 April).

Cameron and Clegg outside number 10

Lib Dems would prop up Tories again

15 April 2018

Roger Putnam was partially right to claim (Whitehaven News 5 April) the Green Party and the LibDems ‘advocate similar policies’. However, while some policies may seem’s over values that a fundamental difference emerges between our two parties


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