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03 June 2017

We are encouraging all the people who would have voted Green in Copeland and Allerdale to opt for vote swapping, whereby they are paired with someone who would have voted Labour (for example) but will vote Green in a seat where we have a chance, in return for us voting Labour (for example) in our seats.

From Green to Red: For the Common Good

25 May 2017

Some of our local Green Party supporters will be disappointed at not being able to vote Green this time. To them - and to those who may already have been thinking about voting tactically in June - I would argue that standing aside, and voting for Labour in both Copeland and Workington, is the Greenest vote you can cast this June.

We are not standing in the General Election

11 May 2017

Green Party candidates will not stand in Workington or Copeland as part of a national bid to prevent a Conservative landslide.

Policies for the County Council Election 2017

06 April 2017

The County Council is being put under huge and unfair financial pressure by the Government. Electing Greens means putting ten policies at the top of our agenda:

Green Party Conference: Defending Democracy

05 April 2017

The Electoral Commission, on 16 March 2017, fined the Conservative Party a record sum of £70,000 for ‘accounting irregularities’ in 29 key marginal constituencies in the 2015 general election. Conference agreed that the Green Party should launch, as a matter of some urgency, a national campaign to press for by-elections in these seats.

Let's Make Cumbria Green

05 April 2017

The County Council is being put under huge and unfair financial pressure by the Government. Electing Greens means putting ten issues at the top of our agenda.

Democracy for Sale?

24 March 2017

So now we know: it would appear that general election ‘victories’ in Britain can effectively be bought for just £70,000! That’s the fine the Electoral Commission has just announced it is imposing on the Tory Party for ‘accounting irregularities’ in over 20 seats (including one in Cumbria) during the 2015 General Election campaign.

Electoral Reform Debate

23 March 2017

An official Parliamentary petition calling for Proportional Representation has gathered 100,000 signatures – meaning it will now be considered for debate in Parliament.

Strange 'Friends'

18 February 2017

One of the most bizarre claims made in the run-up to this Copeland by-election must surely be that of UKIP, claiming to be the ‘friend of working people’. A strange workers’ ‘friend’ indeed, with ex-leader Farage and current leader Nuttall - and its one MP - ALL being ex-members of the rightwing of the Tories.

Our NHS: Not Safe in Libdem Hands!

08 February 2017

I’ve just received a copy of ‘West Cumbria News’ - not a new free newspaper, but a LibDem propaganda sheet. Whilst it is true that Rebecca Hanson has been campaigning - along with many others - to protect services at the West Cumberland Hospital, it makes several claims which are not true.


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