Controversy over the Keswick Railway Path

17 August 2019

The LDNPA's use of tarmac, plus the destruction of natural habitat conflicts with Keswick Town Council’s decision to declare a Climate Emergency. These 'repairs' have already led to the destruction of many mature trees - at a time when we need to be planting more trees because of the Climate Crisis.

There looks like trouble ahead

31 July 2019

At the start of the industrial revolution, the world population was around 1 billion. It is now headed for 8 billion individuals - and more - all aspiring to a wasteful western lifestyle. In just 200 years we have over-run and trashed the only planet we have.

You Can't Be Radical Enough

28 July 2019

On 9 July 2019, David Attenborough told Parliament's Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee that: “You can’t be radical enough in dealing with climate issues…”

The Green Surge Continues!

07 July 2019

The European Elections on 23 May saw Gina Dowding - a Green Party councillor on Lancashire CC - and an anti-fracking activist at Preston New Road - achieve an historic victory by winning a seat as the first-ever Green Party MEP for the North West. Then, on 20 June, in the postponed Keswick East town council election, Allan Todd was elected as a Green Party councillor.

European Elections

09 May 2019

‘Tommy Robinson’ (ex-BNP and then founder of the EDL), is standing in the North West Region - which includes Cumbria - as an ‘Independent’ candidate. To stop him from winning a seat in these elections, it is HUGELY important that as many people as possible turn out to vote on 23 May.

Best ever Green Party Local Election Result!

05 May 2019

We have four Green councillors in Cumbria! The Green Party nationally leapt to 362 councillors on 122 councils! Greens are now represented on 53 new councils across the country!

Time for Red-Green Co-operation

27 April 2019

With local elections just around the corner - and the increasing likelihood of European elections - now is the time for some effective Red-Green co-operation in Cumbria.

Local Election 2019

26 April 2019

Look at what one Green MP has done in Parliament - and imagine what one Green Councillor could do on Allerdale Borough Council.

Euripedies had it right!

19 March 2019

KesMail is to be congratulated on giving its readers the full facts regarding the increasing seriousness of the impacts of global warming. This was borne out by long-term warnings from the Met Office which came out in the same week as the February issue of KesMail. From now until 2023, the Met Office has 90% confidence that mean annual global temperatures will range between 1.03C and 1.57C above pre-industrial levels.

Once is Happenstance...!

16 March 2019

It was very good to see the Keswick Reminder recently giving front-page prominence to the increasingly-controversial issue of the Blencathra Hunt’s regular Boxing Day ‘gathering’ in our town centre. Five members from Allerdale & Copeland Green Party were amongst those present at a meeting of Keswick Town Council, last month, when this was discussed.


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