Copeland and Workington Election Results

17 December 2019

Jill Perry for Workington

14 November 2019

Jill Perry is our Workington constituency parliamentary candidate for the 12 December 2019 general election

Jack Lenox for Copeland

14 November 2019

Jack Lenox is our Copeland constituency parliamentary candidate for the 12 December 2019 general election

From an unreconstructed 'Unco-operative Crusty'

18 October 2019

I, for one, certainly have absolutely no intention of co-operating in the government’s persistent refusal to take the climate actions needed to keep UK citizens safe from the growing impacts of Climate Breakdown.

How Dare You!

06 October 2019

Allerdale Borough Council’s stated aims of making Allerdale carbon neutral by 2030, and shifting to 100% clean energy by 2050, are both to be welcomed. But their aims are seriously undermined by their caveat: “where this does not negatively impact our communities.” and by their removal from the original Climate Emergency Motion of: “to divest from fossil fuels”.

You Can't Be Radical Enough

20 August 2019

Since the end of last October, the Climate Crisis has become much more visible on our media - in part because of the actions of Extinction Rebellion activists; and in part because of what David Attenborough has had to say.

Controversy over the Keswick Railway Path

17 August 2019

The LDNPA's use of tarmac, plus the destruction of natural habitat conflicts with Keswick Town Council’s decision to declare a Climate Emergency. These 'repairs' have already led to the destruction of many mature trees - at a time when we need to be planting more trees because of the Climate Crisis.

There looks like trouble ahead

31 July 2019

At the start of the industrial revolution, the world population was around 1 billion. It is now headed for 8 billion individuals - and more - all aspiring to a wasteful western lifestyle. In just 200 years we have over-run and trashed the only planet we have.

You Can't Be Radical Enough

28 July 2019

On 9 July 2019, David Attenborough told Parliament's Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee that: “You can’t be radical enough in dealing with climate issues…”

The Green Surge Continues!

07 July 2019

The European Elections on 23 May saw Gina Dowding - a Green Party councillor on Lancashire CC - and an anti-fracking activist at Preston New Road - achieve an historic victory by winning a seat as the first-ever Green Party MEP for the North West. Then, on 20 June, in the postponed Keswick East town council election, Allan Todd was elected as a Green Party councillor.

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